The MDGs and armed violence


A recent post on the Eldis conflict and security blog discusses how the growing global trend of non-conflict armed violence (NCAV) fundamentally threatens progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Violence within local communities strikes at the very core of development and progress, perpetuating poverty by destroying infrastructure and livelihoods, diverting resources, and contributing to loss of life. The cost of such violence is estimated to be a staggering US$163 billion, a figure that dwarfs the US$119.6 billion global spend on international aid last year. As such, violence can be said to potentially have a drastic impact on the very area that is crucial to achieving the MDGs – government spending on social services. Although the international community has been slow to tackle non-conflict armed violence, policymakers are beginning to recognise the need for more holistic and targeted development approaches to armed violence – as evidenced by the upcoming World Development Report on conflict, security and development. reducing violence in all its forms must now become a development priority. Although the MDGs did not target violence as a core objective, post-2015 there is real scope to integrate the aim of reducing violence into poverty reduction strategy papers, UN development assistance frameworks and post-conflict needs assessments. Whether the current politics of development permit such an innovation remains to be seen, particularly when considering the underlying causes of conflict and violence. See the full original blog posting here.


7 Responses to “The MDGs and armed violence”

  1. Families for Survival UK Says:

    The Authorities should put a full stop in front of armed violence. The development of the community is being halt due to violence.

    A very bold and strong article.

    Families for Survival UK

  2. aceylan361 Says:

    Reblogged this on International Economics.

  3. MJ Says:

    Millennium development goals will not be reached if armed violence is not put to an end by the authorities.

  4. Danielle Geelhuizen Says:

    it can be agreed that NCAV does strike development and infrastructure, making it in impossible for economic growth and it can lead to many costs as if the millennium development goals are not reached it will stay a great block to overcome.

    • Janice72 Says:

      i fully agree with your comment as violence can be regarded as one of the most major problems facing economic growth and is a major issue in y living area.

  5. martin 444 Says:

    i also agree with the response good work.

  6. Rene' Ballot Says:

    more and more people in bad developed and infrastructure areas are more violent than in others. NCAV should work harder and stand together to stop violence in order for the community and economic to grow. If the goals is not reached it will take a lot to overcome it.

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