Climate Change in Bangladesh – BBC Photos


Bangladesh is one of the countries that will be worst affected by climate change. Rising sea and coastal water levels and more frequent storms threaten this low-lying country. Adapting Bangladesh to climate change is urgent – especially to prevent the reversal of recent progress in poverty reduction there.

An excellent set of pictures on the theme of climate change in Bangladesh can be seen at the BBC here.

BWPI will be undertaking with BRAC a new research programme on climate change and its implications for poverty in Bangladesh. Watch this space over the coming months. In the meantime check out the BWPI and CPRC working paper series for more on Bangladesh.


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5 Responses to “Climate Change in Bangladesh – BBC Photos”

  1. mark harrison Says:

    I think its scandalous that no publicity has been given to the plight of the Bangladeshi people. Thank goodness you are highlighting their very sad plight.
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  2. Tony Addison Says:

    Thanks Mark. We agree. From the Manchester side we are starting with a focus on adapting urban areas to climate change, and making sure poor people are fully helped in this process. We are also engaged in work on the Chars in Bangladesh. Watch this space as we report back.

  3. mark harrison Says:

    Thanks Tony.
    I am organising a networking event in London in May 2009 and I always have a charity represented on the night. Is there any way I could help as we do raise a few thousand pounds each time…not much in the grand scheme of things but it may be of use. Let me know via my email address if you are interested.

  4. Palash Says:

    Dear All,

    Indeed, you all are doing a great job for them who have been suffering from the different natural disaster due to climate change. Now time has come to united all the people in the world towards this issue.

    peoples must be inspired by this type of charity job. keep it up.

    All the best.

  5. Kazi N Fattah Says:

    Great to hear about your research programme with BRAC. Would look forward to learn about your work in urban and Char areas of Bangladesh on climate change issues. BRAC has a huge network of rural CBOs (not the village organizations but Polli Shomaj – federations of rural poor facilitated by BRAC’s Social Development Programme) which could play a significant role in rural community based participatory climate change adaptation issues. Would also love to know if you have any plans concerning those.

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