The New Sport: Attack the Homeless


Living on the streets is a wretched existence. From London to New York to Calcutta, there are millions of homeless people across the world. Many are children. About 600,000 families and 1.35 million children experience homelessness in America every year (see National Alliance to End Homelessness). The sharp increase in property foreclosures is adding more.

And now to increase their misery comes a new sport: attack the homeless.

The New York Times reports that: “Nationwide, violence against the homeless is soaring, and overwhelmingly the attackers are teenagers and young adults. In Florida the problem is so severe that the National Coalition for the Homeless is setting up speakers bureaus to address a culture that sees attacking the homeless as a sport”. Its the same sad story in England with attacks in Canterbury and Manchester. You can even video and post the results on the Web (go here). Such fun 😦

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