Thinking of a career change?


Thinking of a career change? Bored with your office job, and only 4 weeks paid holiday a year? Need to get out more? We have just the job for you.

Become a coal miner in Kyrgyzstan. You can start early: ten years old is acceptable. Over on the Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre (CHIP) they have a film about a Bakyt, an 11 year old coal miner. Go here to see the movie. One to think about next time you are sitting warm in another dull meeting.


One Response to “Thinking of a career change?”

  1. manchesterpgcareers Says:

    Thanks for pointing this one out. I’ve put a link on my latest posting to my postgrad careers blog, where I’ve been talking about postgrads tutoring on the Manchester Leadership Programme – seemed appropriate, and another reason why it’s important to raise this sort of issue with our students (in spite of all the “gruelling” marking a large programme like this generates – somehow puts it into perspective…)

    Best regards, Elizabeth

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