Bamako – the Movie


Bamako, capital of Mali, is again in the news, this time with the DVD release of the movie Bamako by Artificial Eye in association with Christian Aid and Q-News, the UK’s leading Muslim magazine. The plot intertwines the story of bar singer Melé and her husband Chaka (whose relationship is breaking under the strain of unemployment) with the bigger story of the IMF and the World Bank in Africa. We’ll be reviewing the DVD has soon as we get our hands on a copy. In the meantime, check out the video file of Christian Aid’s Deborah Burton talking about the movie.


2 Responses to “Bamako – the Movie”

  1. sara Says:

    I like Bamako 🙂

  2. Gen Says:

    Did not like this movie. Could not quite get the purpose of it. It felt like trying to illustrate in a somewhat original manner what everyone already knows… I yawhn all the way through it.

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